Beauty routine

“First Russian woman to go to International Space Station gets angry at a pre-flight press conference…because she is asked about her hair and make-up” says the title of a Daily Mail on-line article. I open it, intrigued by the discovery of yet another case of misogyny in the world. I find a quite poorly written article (they usually are, on the website of Daily Mail), that says Russian cosmonaut Yelena Serova got angry at a journalist after he asked her about her hair, make-up and beauty routine in a press conference. I watched the short video, which sort of contradicted the whole article. I was expecting a furious woman snapping at a moron journalist. Instead, I got a delicate young woman, giving a very subtle response which ends with “I’m sorry, thank you!”

Now, apart from the poor quality of the writing, the fact of the matter is, that journalist was, indeed, an a-hole. Is it acceptable, in the 21st century society, to treat women like they’re dumb bimbos, spending their days thinking about new hairstyles and make-up? It certainly isn’t. Are some women to blame for this? Absolutely. Should Yelena have been harsher with the journalist? I’d say yes. If I were her, I’d have made him regret the day he went into journalism. But then again, I am meaner than other people and less tolerant of this kind of idiocy.

However, if you correlate this issue with other similar ones, from different parts of the world (the Hollywood nudes leak is still in play, isn’t it?), you get a bigger, more frightening picture. It doesn’t take a genius to notice that the status quo hasn’t changed much in the latest century. Sure, women can now have management jobs, but they will earn up to 35% less than their male colleagues. Women can also study and pursue a career, but they will be expected to do it while having children. Many women will have to choose between their career and their children. They will be judged no matter what their choice is. They’ll either be “slave of their children” or “workaholic neglecting mothers”. But what if a woman decides she doesn’t want to have a baby? Ever. Oh, God forbid. She’s the most selfish, egocentric bitch.

How much of your brain has to be non-functional, in order for you to ask a cosmonaut about her hair and make-up? What kind of sick mind should one have, to leak nude photos of famous women, just because? And even more so, how incredibly retarded should one be, to threat more nude leaks on the reason of a woman speaking up for her sex?

You may think I’m being judgemental, that I should refrain myself from calling people stupid or retarded. Well I can’t. I honestly believe misogyny (among other social issues we’re not discussing at the moment) is perpetrated by stupidity and ignorance, as well as cowardliness. And the sad part is that not only men abide by misogynistic rules, but also some women. Too many of us are quick to judge each other. A woman is a whore, because she wears a short skirt or a deep cleavage. A woman is selfish because she doesn’t want to have a baby. She doesn’t decide whether to get married or not; if she’s not married by a certain age, she’s probably undesirable and/or unable to keep a man by her side. She’s inconsiderate and she’a a bad mum because she goes back to work. She’s stupid because she stays at home with her children. She’s vain if she puts make-up on. She’s prude if she doesn’t.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not really a feminist. There are plenty of male gender stereotypes that should also stop. I don’t think the world needs more feminists. I do, however, think that it needs more of justice, equality and “minding our own business”.



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