This is the public shaming of London transport. I’ve only been here 6 weeks now and I’ve had plenty of opportunities to get furious because of it.

First, my tube line suddenly gets cancelled at 10 PM on a Sunday, when I’m on the other side of London and need to get home. “Please talk to a member of staff” the voice says, over the radio. Well, surprise, surprise! There is no member of staff around. 20 minutes later, when I finally find one, I have a great answer – there is some rail work going on, so they had to cancel a few tube lines. And no, he doesn’t know how I can get home. I will spare you the details of me going to two different stations and getting the same result, while hoping that nothing would happen to me, walking around alone in the night.

Then, the 187 bus. Oh, boy, the 187 bus is a wonder, a delight! I have to take it every morning to get the kids to school. Actually, I had to. I don’t, anymore, because my kids were late four days in a row, after the 187 failed to show up on time. So now we just walk to school, even if it means waking up 30 minutes earlier. They’re not happy about it and, to be honest, neither am I, because running after two kids scooting away for 25 minutes, while thinking of the washing and the dishes waiting at home is not fun. When I pick them up, they’re inevitably tired and hungry, so we usually take the bus back (funny enough, on the way from school to our house, the bus is not as late). So yesterday, we were coming home from school and as we were approaching our stop, I pressed the stop button. Of course, the bus kept going (why wouldn’t it?). A few ladies got angry at the driver and told him to stop the bus, ’cause they’d missed their stop. The drivers yelled back “the bus stop moved to the other end of the street, so stop pushing that button!” Oh, okay then. Why wouldn’t it move to the other end of the street, really? Who would even need a slight warning about that? The extra walk is actually good for your health, right? Even if you have two very tired children dragging their feet and complaining, while you’re carrying two heavy backpacks (seriously, do schools want our kids to grow hunchbacks?) and two scooters they’re too tired to use. Even if you’re pregnant and your feet hurt like hell because there was nobody kind enough in that whole damn bus to give you their seat. Even if you’re old and your hip is acting up on you. Even if you have to push your wheelchair for 10 extra minutes.

Seriously, what is this shit? Do we just move bus stops now? Who comes up with the bus routes and the stops? Because, on my way home, there’s like 100 feet between the stop on All Souls Ave and Doyle Gardens, while there is an approximately 10-15 minutes walk between the stop on Doyle Gardens and Whitmore Gardens. From one end of one street, to the other end of a second street. How does that make sense?

Shame on you, TFL, shame n you!



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